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Gone to a Better World 34

Tune: Dennis Wilson Rountree, July 15, 1927
Lyrics: Dennis Wilson Rountree, July 15, 1927
Meter: Common Meter (8,6,8,6)
Farewell, dear parents, I must go,
To that sweet home above,
God loves me so that He wants me
In that sweet home of love.


Oh! do not weep, dear friends, for me,
For Iíll be with my Lord,
Prepare to meet me up in heavín,
And get your great reward.

Sister, I know that youíll miss me,
Wherever you may go,
But God saw fit to take me from
This sinful world of woe.


I know that you all wanted me,
But God knew it was best
For me to go up there to dwell,
In that sweet land of rest.


Iíll say farewell to one and all,
I am going away,
I hope to meet you all up there,
In yonder happy place.

This song was written at Banks, Alabama, on July 15, 1927, in memory of Elizabeth Wesley, daughter of Clifford and Rashell Wesley, who died July 3, 1927, aged 8.