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The Christianís Home 37

Tune: Thomas Franklin Sanders, 1960
Alto: Mrs. Euva Priscilla (Renfroe) Sanders, 1960
Lyrics: Lloyd's The Primitive Hymns, 1858; Alt. by Thomas Franklin Sanders, 1960
Meter: Long Meter (8,8,8,8)
Our father dear has gone to rest,
To reign with God forever blest,
His sovíreign tongue will always praise
A Saviorís love, redeeming grace.


Heís gone to his home in glory,
To a mansion bright and fair,
Heís gone to his home in glory,
To sing with the angels there.

Could we but hear his sovíreign tongue,
So sweetly sing the heavínly song;
Could we but see his smiling face,
Delighted with the happy place.


We would not wish him back again,
But say, dear one, with God remain
Weíll try to gain that peaceful shore,
Where those who meet shall part no more.

This song was inscribed to Andrew Mitchell Renfroe (1861-1932), the father of Mrs. Euva Priscilla (Renfroe) Sanders (1905-1991).