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Frozen Heart 93

Tune: Arranged by Elisha J. King, 1844
Alto: Wilson Marion Cooper, 1902
Lyrics: Joseph Hart, 1762
Meter: Long Meter (8,8,8,8)
Lord, shed a beam of heavínly day
To melt this stubborn stone away;
And thaw, with rays of love divine
This heart, this frozen heart of mine.

To hear the sorrows Thou hast felt,
All but an adamant would melt;
Goodness and wrath in vain combine
To move this stupid heart of mine.

But One can yet perform the deed;
That One in all His grace I need;
Thy Spirit can from dross refine
And melt this stubborn heart of mine.

O Breath of life, breathe on my soul!
On me let streams of mercy roll;
Now thaw with rays of love divine,
This heart, this frozen heart of mine.