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Fulfillment 102

Tune: Arranged by Elisha J. King, 1844
Alto: Wilson Marion Cooper, 1902
Lyrics: John Adam Granade, 1807
Meter: 9s,8s Double (9,8,9,8,9,8,9,8)
See how the Scriptures are fulfilling,
Poor sinners are returning home,
The time that prophets were foretelling,
With signs and wonders now has come.
The gospel trumpets now are blowing
From sea to sea, from land to land;
Godís Holy Spirit down is pouring,
And Christiansí joining heart and hand.

Ten thousand fall before Jehovah,
For mercy, mercy, loud they cry,
They rise, all shouting hallelujah,
And glory be to God on high.
But heathens cry, ďItís all disorder
And disbelieve Godís holy word;
Yet Christians sing, and shout the louder,
All glory, glory to the Lord.

Now God is calling evíry nation,
The bond, the free, the rich, the poor;
These are the days of visitation,
Sweet gospel grace will soon be oíer.
The Lord shall come, all clothed in thunder,
And lightning streaming to and fro,
O then Heíll cut His foes asunder,
And cast them with the damned below.