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The Lovely Story 104

Tune: Arranged by Elisha J. King, 1844
Alto: Miss Minnie Floyd, 1902
Lyrics: Mercer’s Cluster, 1810
Meter: 8s Double (8,8,8,8,8,8,8,8)
A story most lovely I’ll tell
Of Jesus, (O wondrous surprise!),
He suffered the torments of hell,
That sinners, vile sinners might rise.
He left His exalted abode
When man by transgression was lost,
Appeasing the wrath of our God,
He shed forth His blood as the cost.

O did my dear Jesus thus bleed,
And pity a ruined lost race?
O whence did such mercy proceed,
Such boundless compassion and grace?
His body bore anguish and pain,
His spirit most sunk with the load,
A short time before He was slain,
His sweat was as great drops of blood.

O was it for crimes I had done
The Savior was hailed with a kiss,
By Judas, the traitor, alone?
Was ever compassion like this?
The ruffians all joined in a band,
Confined Him, and led Him away;
The cords wrapp’d around His sweet hands
O, sinners, look at Him, I pray.