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To Die No More 111b

Tune: Eld. Edmund Dumas, 1856
Alto: Wilson Marion Cooper, 1902
Lyrics: William Hunter, 1838
Meter: Long Meter (8,8,8,8)
My heavínly home is bright and fair;
Nor pain nor death can enter there;
Its glittíring towírs the sun outshine;
That heavínly mansion shall be mine.


Iím going home to Christ above,
Iím going home to the Christianís rest,
Iím going home, to die no more,
Iím going home to die no more.

My Fatherís house is built on high,
Far, far above the starry sky;
When from this earthly prison free,
That heavínly mansion mine shall be.


Let others seek a home below,
Which flames devour, or waves oíerflow;
Be mine a happier lot to own
A heavínly mansion near the throne.