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The Prodigal Son 113

Tune: Arranged by Elisha J. King, 1844
Alto: Miss Carmei Taylor, 1902
Lyrics: John Newton, 1779
Meter: Common Meter (8,6,8,6)
Afflictions, tho’ they seem severe,
Are oft in mercy sent;
They stopped the prodigal’s career,
And caused him to repent.


O I die with hunger here, he cries,
And starve in a foreign land.
My father’s house hath large supplies,
And bounteous are his hands.

Although he no relenting felt
’Till he had spent his store;
His stubborn heart began to melt
When famine pinched him sore.


Father, I’ve sinned, but O forgive!”
Enough,” the father said.
Rejoice, my house, my son’s alive,
For whom I mourned as dead.”