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Expression 125

Alto: W. R. McCoy, 1902
Lyrics: Caleb Jarvis Taylor, 1804
Meter: 11s (11,11,11,11)
O Jesus, my Savior, I know Thou art mine,
For Thee all the pleasures of earth I resign;
Of objects most pleasing, I love Thee the best,
Without Thee Iím wretched, but with Thee Iím blessíd.

Thou art my rich treasure, my joy and my love,
None richer possessed by the angels above;
For Thee all the pleasures of sense I forego;
And wander a pilgrim, despised below.

Thy Spirit first taught me to know I was blind,
And taught me the way of salvation to find.
For when I was sinking in dreadful despair,
My Jesus relieved me and bid me not fear.