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John 4:14 133

Tune: Morris Nowlin, 1973
Lyrics: Morris Nowlin, 1973
Meter: 9s,8s (9,8,9,8)
Lord, lead me to the crystal fountain,
Where I may bathe my weary soul,
Where I may drink of it so freely,
Enveloped in His grace and love.

Oh, see the stream of living waters,
So freely flowing from His throne,
To this vain world of sin and sorrow,
Where my dear Saviorís feet have trod.

He brought salvation to His people,
Holy and revírend is His name,
He is the source of all my comfort,
In Him alone my hope doth cling.

Oh, let me drink of it so freely,
Oh, this shall be my daily cry.
Or else the weight of sin and sorrow,
My weary soul would faint and die.
Morris Nowlin was of Muleshoe, Texas.