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The Child’s Prayer (Sweet Affliction) 145b

Tune: Jean-Jacques Rousseau, 1752; Arranged by Lowell Mason, 1823
Alto: Mrs. Anna L. (Cooper) Blackshear, 1902
Lyrics: Samuel Pearce, 1800
Meter: 8s,7s (8,7,8,7)
In the floods of tribulation,
While the billows o’er me roll,
Jesus whispers consolation,
And supports my fainting soul.


Hallelujah, hallelujah,
Hallelujah, praise the Lord.

Savior, tender Shephard, hear me,
Bless Thy little lamb tonight,
Thro’ the darkness be Thou near me,
Watch me ’till the morning light.


Teach me how to do my duty,
In the service of my Lord,
Then, when time with me is over,
I’ll receive the great reward.


And with Jesus Christ, my Savior,
I shall live in endless day;
When my sorrows and my toiling
Shall be banished far away.