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San Diego 156

Tune: Stanley Smith, 1997
Lyrics: Samuel Medley, 1793
Meter: Common Meter Double (8,6,8,6,8,6,8,6)
From all that's mortal, all that's vain,
And from this earthly clod,
Arise my soul, and strive to gain
Sweet fellowship with God.
Say, what is there beneath the skies,
Wherever thou hast trod,
Can suit thy wishes or thy joys,
Like fellowship with God?

Not life, nor all the toys of art,
Nor pleasure’s flow’ry road,
Can to my soul such bliss impart,
As fellowship with God.
When I am made in love to bear
Affliction’s needful rod,
Light, sweet and kind, the strokes appear,
Through fellowship with God.

And when the icy hand of death
Shall chill my flowing blood,
O may I yield my latest breath
In fellowship with God.
When I, at last, to heav’n ascend,
And gain my blest abode,
There an eternity I'll spend
In fellowship with God.
Dedicated to the San Diego Sacred Harp Singers