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Mars Hill Morning 195

Tune: Clark Lee, 2005
Lyrics: Clark Lee, 2005
Meter: Common Meter Double (8,6,8,6,8,6,8,6)
We sing the songs of Sacred Harp
While living in this world,
It lifts our hearts and souls on high
As melodies unfurl.
Transcending spirits mingle there
To sing the melody.
The Holy Ghost blends ev’ry voice
In perfect harmony.

We sing the songs of grace and praise
While gathered in the church.
God’s Spirit blends our voices here
And lifts us above earth.
While lifted up in heav’nly love
Our Savior God we see,
And long to be enshrouded in
His love eternally.

We sing the songs of Lloyd’s Hymnal
Their melodies do ring.
We thank God for this precious gift
That makes our hearts to sing.
Our bodies dead, our souls shall rise
To their eternal home,
And sing praise to our Savior King
Upon his sacred throne.
Inscribed “Give glory and thanks to God” May 2005.
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