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City of Light 199

Tune: Aldine Silliman Kieffer, 1877
Lyrics: Aldine Silliman Kieffer, 1877
Meter: 12s,9s (12,9,12,9)
Thereís a city of light ímid the stars, we are told,
Where they know not a sorrow or care;
And the gates are of pearl and the streets are of gold,
And the buildings exceedingly fair.


Let us pray for each other, nor faint by the way,
In this sad world of sorrow and care,
For that home is so bright, and is almost in sight,
And I trust in my heart youíll go there.

Brother dear, never fear, we shall triumph at last,
If we trust in the word He has givín;
When our trials and toils, and our weepings are past,
We shall meet in that home up in heavín.


Sister dear, never fear, for the Savior is near,
With His hand He will lead you along;
And the way that is dark, Christ will graciously clear,
And your mourning shall turn to a song.


Let us walk in the light of the gospel divine;
Let us ever keep near to the cross;
Let us love, watch, and pray, in our pilgrimage here;
Let us count all things else but as loss.

W. R. Thompson, of Troy, Alabama, introduced this song to the book about 1949.