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Little Songs and Little Ways (Louisiana) 208

Tune: William Walker, 1835
Alto: Miss Minnie Floyd, 1902
Lyrics: Shaker text, c.1806
Meter: 8s,7s Double Iambic (8,7,8,7,8,7,8,7)
Come, little children, now we may
Partake a little morsel,
For little songs and little ways
Adorned a great apostle.
A little drop of Jesusí blood
Can make a feast of union,
It is by little steps we move
Into a full communion

A little faith does mighty deeds,
Quite past all my recounting;
Faith, like a little mustard seed,
Can move a lofty mountain.
A little charity and zeal,
A little tribulation,
A little patience makes us feel
Great peace and consolation.

A little zeal supplies the soul,
It doth the heart inspire;
A little spark lights up the way,
And sets the crowd on fire.
A little union serves to hold
The good tender-hearted;
Itís stronger than a chain of gold,
And never can be parted.

Come, let us labor here below,
And who can be the straightest,
For in Godís kingdom, all must know,
The least shall be the greatest.
O give us, Lord, a little drop
Of heavenly love and union,
O may we never, never stop
Short of a full communion.