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Ocean 222

Tune: Philadelphia Harmony, 1789
Lyrics: Isaac Watts, 1719
Meter: Common Meter Double (8,6,8,6,8,6,8,6)
Thy works of glory mighty Lord,
That rul’st the boist’rous sea;
The sons of courage shall record
Who tempt the dang’rous way.
At Thy command the winds arise,
And swell the tow’ring waves;
The men astonish’d mount the skies,
And sink in gaping graves.

Then to the Lord they raise their cries,
He hears the loud request,
And orders silence thro’ the skies,
And lays the floods to rest.
Sailors rejoice to lose their fears,
And see the storm allay’d:
Now to their eyes the port appears;
There let their vows be paid.