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Shepherds, Rejoice 291

Tune: Leonard P. Breedlove, 1850
Alto: Wilson Marion Cooper, 1902
Lyrics: Isaac Watts, 1706 (verse 1 & chorus), 1707 (verses 2 & 3)
Meter: Common Meter (8,6,8,6)
Shepherds, rejoice, lift up your eyes,
And send your fears away;
News from the regions of the skies,
A Saviour’s born today.


Jesus, the God, whom angels fear,
Come down to dwell with you,
Today He makes His entrance here,
But not as monarchs do.

He took our mortal flesh to show
The wonders of His love;
For us He paid His life below
And prays for us above.


“Forgive,” He cries, “forgive their sins,
For I myself have died;”
And then He shows His open veins,
And pleads His wounded side.