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Worlds Above 315

Tune: Benjamin Franklin White, 1850
Alto: J. W. Watson, 1902
Lyrics: Isaac Watts, 1719
Meter: Hallelujah Meter (6,6,6,6,8,8)
Lord of the worlds above,
How pleasant and how fair
The dwellings of Thy love,
Thine earthly temples are!
To thine abode my heart aspires
With warm desires, to see my God.

To spend one sacred day
Where God and saints abide,
Affords diviner joy
Than thousand days beside;
Where God resorts, I love it more
To keep the door than shine in courts.

The sparrow, for your young,
With pleasure seeks a nest;
And wandering swallows long
To find their wonted rest:
My spirit faints, with equal zeal,
To rise and dwell among Thy saints.

The Lord His people loves:
His hand no good withholds
From those His heart approves,
From pure and pious souls:
Thrice happy he, O God of hosts,
Whose spirit trust alone in Thee.