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Weary Pilgrim 326

Tune: Leonard P. Breedlove, 1850
Alto: W. R. McCoy, 1902
Lyrics: Caleb Jarvis Taylor, 1804
Meter: Particular Meter: 7,9,7,9,7,8,8,8,8,8
Come and taste along with me
The weary pilgrim's consolation;
Boundless mercy, running free,
The earnest of complete salvation.
Joy and peace in Christ I find,
My heart to Him is all resigned;
The fullness of His pow'r I prove,
The sweetness of redeeming love!
Jesus is the pilgrim's portion,
Love as boundless as the ocean.

When the world and flesh would rise,
And strive to draw me from my Savior,
Strangers slight, or friends despise,
I then more highly prize His favor.
Friends, believe me when I tell,
If Christ be present all is well.
The world and flesh in vain may rise:
I all their efforts do despise;
In the world I've tribulation,
But in Christ sweet consolation.