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O Come Away! 334

Tune: Hauser's Hesperian Harp, 1848
Lyrics: Stowe's Melodies for the Temperance Band, 1856
Meter: Particular Meter: 5,7,8,5,8,8,7,5
O come, come away
From labor now reposing,
Our jubilee has set us free,
O come, come away!
Come, hail the day that celebrates
The ransom of th'inebriates
From all that intoxicates,
O come, come away!

We welcome you here!
With heart and hand wide open,
Ye welcome sons of temperance,
We welcome you here!
Heav'n's blessings on your plans we pray!
Ye come our sinking friends to save,
And rescue from a drunkard's grave,
We welcome you here!

We welcome you here!
Ye who with taste perverted
Have seized the cup and drank it up,
We welcome you here!
Come, join us in our holy aim,
The poor besotted to reclaim,
The broken heart to cheer again,
O come, sign the pledge!