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Nettie 380t

Tune: William L. Green, 2001
Lyrics: William L. Green, 2001
Meter: Common Meter Double (8,6,8,6,8,6,8,6)
While travíling thru this world below,
My heart is full of care;
But, Jesus walks with me, I know,
His love is evírywhere.
When time with me shall be no more,
My burdens Iíll lay down;
Iíll join the saints on Canaanís shore
And wear a starry crown.

The time is nigh, I must depart,
His love is calling me;
He gives me strength, He lifts my heart,
His glory soon Iíll see.
My Christian friends, I bid adieu,
Hark! Hear the trumpet sound;
I go to join the saints above
And wear a starry crown.
In memory of my mother, Nettie Green of Gadsden, Alabama.