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Penick 387

Tune: Matthew Sikes, 1859
Alto: Mrs. E. D. Martin, 1902
Lyrics: Matthew Sikes, 1859
Meter: Common Meter (8,6,8,6)
While trav’ling thru the world below,
Where sore afflictions come,
My soul abounds with joy to know
That I will rest at home.


Carry me home, carry me home,
When my life is o’er,
Then carry me to my long-sought home,
Where pain is felt no more.

My soul’s delight has been to sing
Of glorious days to come,
When I shall, with my God and King,
Forever rest at home.


And then I want these lines to be
Inscribed upon my tomb:
“Here lies the dust of S. R. P.,
His spirit sings at home.”

In memory of Mrs. Martin's sister, Clara Deloney. Matthew Sikes was of Montgomery County, Georgia, in 1859.