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Willie 410

Tune: James Landrum White, 1884
Lyrics: Mary Stanley Bunce Dana Shindler, 1849
Meter: Common Meter (8,6,8,6)
There's not a bright and beaming smile,
Which in this world I see,
But turns my hear to future joys,
And whispers heav'n to me!


Home, sweet home,
My beautiful home on high.

Though often here my soul is sad,
And falls the silent tear,
There is a world of smiles and love,
And sorrow comes not there.


I never clasp a friendly hand,
In greeting or farewell,
But tho'ts of my eternal home
Within my bosom swell.


There when we meet with holy joy,
No thoughts of parting come,
But never ending ages still,
Shall find us all at home!