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The Grieved Soul 422b

Tune: Miss M. A. Hendon, 1859
Alto: Miss Julia Sellers, 1902
Lyrics: Joseph Hart, 1759
Meter: 7s,6s Double (7,6,7,6,7,6,7,6)
Come my soul, and let us try
For a little season,
Ev'ry burden to lay by,
Come and let us reason.
What is this that casts thee down?
Who are those that grieve thee?
Speak and let the worst be known,
Speaking may relieve thee.

Look not on yourself too long,
Lest it sink you lower;
Look to Jesus, kind as strong,
Mercy joined with power.
Ev'ry work that you must do,
Will your gracious Savior,
For you work, and in you too,
Of His special favor.