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Ester 437

Tune: John S. Terry, 1869
Lyrics: The Religious Telescope, 1842
Meter: Long Meter (8,8,8,8)
Young ladies, all, attention give,
You that in wicked pleasures live;
One of your sex the other day,
Was called by death's cold hand away.

This lesson she has left for you,
To teach the careless what to do;
To seek Jehovah while you live,
And everlasting honors give.

Her honored mother she addressed,
While tears were streaming down her breast;
She grasped her tender hands and said:
“Remember me when I am dead.”

She called her father to her bed,
And thus, in dying anguish said:
“My days on earth are at an end,
My soul is summoned to attend.”

“Before Jehovah's awful bar,
To hear my awful sentence there;
And now, dear father, do repent,
And read the holy Testament.”
This poem appeared in the February 2, 1842, issue of The Religious Telescope, with the inscription "To the memory of Miss Maria Roush, Bloom County, Kentucky."