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Hocutt 464

Tune: John Hocutt, 1997
Lyrics: Margaret Keeton, 1997
Meter: Common Meter (8,6,8,6)
When Christ the Lord was crucified,
He paid death's penalty.
His rising from the grave revealed
His death's sufficiency.


Dear Jesus take my heart and soul,
And mold me this I pray,
That I thro' Your free grace may grow
More like You day by day.

Forever gone the sins He bore,
His work is so complete
That He'll remember them no more;
They're on the mercy seat.

This tune is a modification of Hocutt's tune This Heavy Load, located on page 316 in The Christian Harmony, 2010 Edition.
John Hocutt was of Jasper, Alabama, and Margaret Keeton was of Double Springs, Alabama.