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The Masterís Call 496b

Tune: Eld. Colonel Gipson Keith, 1905
Lyrics: Thomas Haweis, 1792
Meter: Long Meter (8,8,8,8)
My Master calls, and I must go,
To warn poor sinners here below;
His cause is great, I can't forebear,
To them His word of truth declare.

Thro' heat and cold I often went
To call poor sinners to repent;
My wife and children left alone,
For them I often weep and mourn.

But then my Master speaks to cheer,
And says, poor servant, never fear;
Your loved ones I will always keep,
And where I am there you shall meet.

This hope inspires my weary soul,
Tis more to me than Ophir's gold;
I would not from it e'er depart,
To comfort and console my heart.

Tis not for money, nor for fame,
I go to preach in Jesus' name,
My life and all I freely give,
That I may with my Master live.

My Lord did more than this for me
Upon the cross of Calvary;
In sweat and tears was crucified,
And thus for me my Master died.
Composed November 16, 1905, at DeKalb County, Alabama.