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Oh, How Wonderful! 512

Tune: Herbert Leopard, 1984; Arranged by Hugh McGraw, 1984
Lyrics: Herbert Leopard, 1984
Meter: Particular Meter: 8,6,8,7
My God is real, oh, yes, He's real,
My friend, oh, can't you see?
He made the heavens and the earth,
The little birds and the trees.


Oh, how wonderful,
What a wonderful day that will be.

He bled and died upon the cross
For sinners like you and me,
He raised old Laz'rus from the grave,
He set Paul and Silas free.


He said one day He would return,
My friends, don't you believe?
He's coming back just like He said,
A wonderful day that will be.

Written at Henderson, Texas, in April 1984.