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A Golden Crown to Wear 521

Tune: Benjamin Lewis Vaughn, 1910
Lyrics: Benjamin Lewis Vaughn, 1910
Meter: 6s (6,6,6,6)
Life's sun is sinking down,
The shade of night draws nigh,
In death we'll soon be found,
To meet the Lord on high.


O time speed on and bring the hour,
When I shall meet with Christ in pow'r;
Yes, let me then to glory rise,
And wear a crown beyond the skies.

When time shall be no more,
And we from sin are free;
The Lord we will adore,
Thro' one eternity.


What joy, indeed, to know,
For me is waiting there,
Inside those pearly gates,
A golden crown to wear.

Benjamin Lewis Vaughn, of Jacksonville, Texas, dated this song July 17, 1910.