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Heavenly Joy 526

Tune: Robert J. Davis, 1927
Lyrics: Robert J. Davis, 1927
Meter: Particular Meter: 11,8,11,10
There'll be joy in heaven when we reach that land,
And we'll sing with the angels fair,
There with Christ who's gone to prepare a home,
And shall see His glories over there.


Oh, may we meet in heaven,
On Canaan's happy shore,
To sing aloud his praises
With joy for evermore.

Then we'll meet our loved ones on that shining shore—
And we'll dwell with them on high,
What a happy time when we all reach heav’n
Singing hallelujah by and by.

Dedicated to the composer's family: Mrs. R. J. Davis, Ruth Davis, Grace Davis, Parnell Davis, and Maulene Davis.