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She Is Sleeping 540

Tune: Arranged by Thomas Jefferson Allen, 1927
Alto: Miss Beulah Dauphin, 1927
Lyrics: Arranged by Thomas Jefferson Allen, 1927
Meter: 8s,7s (8,7,8,7)
There's a land beyond the river,
Where the skies are ever fair;
And I have an angel mother,
Who is waiting for me there.


Come, O boatman, row me over,
To a fairer land than this;
For my heart grows weary waiting,
For my angel mother's kiss.

She went o'er the silent waters,
At the setting of the sun;
And I know that she is happy,
For the Christian's course is run.


In that land where she is waiting,
For the ones she loved on earth;
Sin and sorrow never enter,
But eternal days have birth.


When the solemn summons calls us,
To the mansions of the blest;
We shall lose our earthly sorrows,
In a sense of blissful rest.

In loving memory to the composer's daughter, Mrs. Ava E. Shaw, who departed this life December 27, 1914. This song is dedicated to her children.
In 1927 Miss Dauphin was of Florala, Alabama.
The melody is reminiscent of The Dying Californian.