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The Judgment Day 542

Tune: Rueben Purcer Allen, 1927
Meter: Particular Meter: 7,7,11,7,7,11
Are you ready for the day,
That is coming by and by,
When the saints of earth shall gather over there;
Can we face the heav'nly band,
With the saints in glory stand,
When the roll is called up yonder on that day?


On that day, the judgment day,
Will we all then ready be?
When He comes, the Savior comes,
On that awful judgment day.

When the final day shall dawn,
And the glorious King shall come,
And our earthly time has swiftly passed away;
Will you hear the sinner's cry,
Will you hear the King's reply,
Will you see the heav'nly mansions built on high?


Will we all then ready be,
When the glorious King we see,
And the host of saints comes forth in bright array;
Oh the joy that we shall know,
What hosannahs we'll outpour,
When we meet our loved ones on that final day.

Reuben Purcer Allen, son of Thomas Jefferson Allen, was of Troy, Alabama.