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Gone Home 550

Tune: Rev. W. T. Dale, 1888; Arranged by Thomas Jefferson Allen, 1927
Lyrics: Rev. W. T. Dale, 1886
Meter: Long Meter (8,8,8,8)
Oh, where is now our brother dear?
Gone home to mansions bright and fair;
No more he'll shed the bitter tear;
He's happy in his mansion there.


Gone home, gone home,
With Jesus there to dwell;
Gone home, gone home,
His praises there to swell.

No more he'll meet us here below;
His toil and sacrifice are o'er;
And by the river's gentle flow,
He stands upon the golden shore.


But though he'll visit us no more,
Yet may we go to Him at last;
And then we'll sing our troubles o'er,
When all life's labors here are past.


Farewell, dear brother, 'till we meet
Before the throne of God above;
And cast our crowns at Jesus' feet,
And sing the triumph of His love.

In memory of W. L. McGee. Dedicated to the McGee children.