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Where the Soul Shall Never Die 554

Tune: C. M. Senn, 1927
Lyrics: C. M. Senn, 1927
Meter: Particular Meter: 7,8,8,7,7,6,7,7
Our mother's gone to heaven,
To a mansion bright and fair;
Her picture hangs up yonder,
But there's a vacant chair.
We're on our way to Canaan,
To that sweet home on high,
We'll shout and sing forever,
Where the soul shall never die.

She's gone up there with Jesus,
There forever more to stay;
So I trust in God to meet her,
In a better world some day.
She has crossed o'er Jordan's river,
Safe on the other side,
But when we get to heaven,
Then the gates will open wide.

We know the Savior's coming,
Coming in the clouds someday;
We believe the Bible story,
To catch His bride away.
We only hear the message,
When He is passing by,
He'll take us all up yonder,
To that bright land on high.