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Jesus Is Mine 563

Tune: John Harrison Tenney, 1888
Lyrics: Henry J. M. Hope, 1852
Meter: Particular Meter: 6,6,6,6,6
Now I have a dear Friend,
Jesus is mine,
His love shall never end,
Jesus is mine;
Though earthly joys decrease,
Though earthly friendships cease,
Now I have lasting peace,
Jesus is mine.

Though I grow poor and old,
Jesus is mine,
Though I grow pale and cold,
Jesus is mine;
He shall my wants supply,
His precious blood is nigh,
Naught can my hopes destroy,
Jesus is mine.

When earth shall pass away,
Jesus is mine,
In the great judgment day,
Jesus is mine;
Oh, what a glorious thing,
Then to behold my King,
On tuneful harps to sing,
Jesus is mine.
William M. Faust, Sr., (1865-1940) introduced this song in 1927 from Showalter's Class, Choir, and Congregations, 1888.