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The Gates of Paradise 580

Tune: Arranged by Thomas Jefferson Allen, 1909
Lyrics: Mrs. Emma Jernigan, 1909
Meter: Particular Meter: 7,6,7,7,7,6,7,6
Lord Jesus, I'm not worthy
On Thee to call or look,
Nor have my name recorded
In the everlasting Book;
For wealth and earthly pleasures,
But little do I care;
O give to me a welcome
To mansions over there.


We may not know of the joy untold,
The bliss in paradise;
But when I come to the gate of gold,
I believe it will open wide.

The walls of heaven's garnished
With jewels rich and rare,
This is the place He promised
That He would for us prepare;
The crystal sea there glistens,
The Book of Life is there,
And John did look and listen
To wonders over there.