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Sweet Reunion 591

Tune: Mary Whitehurst, 2009
Lyrics: Mary Whitehurst, 2009
Meter: Particular Meter: 8,6,8,6,7,6,8,6
Our fathers who have gone before,
Have set before our eyes,
The path that we should follow on,
Until we reach the skies.
We call to mind their kind ways,
Their tender mercies givín,
We feel their presence ever near,
When eíer we sing of heavín.

Our tears of grief shall be replaced,
With memíries sweet and clear,
And owe to Jesus boundless grace,
The hope that we hold dear.
Of sweet reunion on high.
With those whoíve gone before,
Whose faith already is made sight,
And praise Him evermore.

The fellowship by Adam lost,
Has been to us restored,
The penalty of sin was paid,
By Jesus Christ, our Lord.
The Spirit in our heart moves,
And testifies of grace,
We long to residence above,
And see His loving face.