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And ate, but gave me part again,
Duane Street 164
And hope to meet again.
The Christianís Love 95b
And should we never meet again
The Weary Souls 83b
But let me find them all again,
Hallelujah 146
Iíll tune my harp again.
Babelís Streams 126
Jesus, the dead, revives again.
Morning 163t
Say, do you wish to turn again?
Social Band (Clamanda) 42
The Lamb was slain but rose again
Song to the Lamb 138t
íTill dying hope revives again;
Distress 50b
To revive His work again.
Jubilee 144
We would not wish him back again,
The Christianís Home 37
Weíll soon meet again if kind Providence smile;
Farewell, My Brethren (Imandra New) 54b
Which makes me hope weíll meet again.
Parting Hand 62

13 verses, 13 songs