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Be endless blessings paid;
Song to the Lamb 138t
Death ítis the gate to endless joy,
Prospect 30b
Drink endless pleasures in.
Bound for Canaan 82, The Morning Trumpet 85, Ecstacy 106
I shall live in endless day;
The Childís Prayer (Sweet Affliction) 145b
The glorious hope of endless rest
Sweet Rivers 61
To endless day.
Gospel Trumpet 99
To sing Godís praise in endless day;
Service of the Lord 80b, Farewell, Vain World 95t, Journey Home 111t, Come and Go with Me to Heaven 153, Ragan 176t
Whose glories shine thru endless day.
Iím Not Ashamed of Jesus (Corinth) 32t

15 verses, 14 songs