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Lenox 40

The Sacred Harp, 1991 (Denson) Edition

Composer: Lewis Edson, 1782
Poet: Charles Wesley, 1750
Meter: 6s (6,6,6,6)
Stanza Poetry Source by First Line
Blow ye the trumpet blow,
The gladly solemn sound;
Let all the nations know,
To earth's remotest bound,


Blow ye the trumpet blow,, Stanza 1
The year of Jubilee is come;
Return, ye ransomed sinners, home.

Extol the Lamb of God,
The all-atoning Lamb;
Redemption through his blood
Throughout the world proclaim.


Blow ye the trumpet blow,, Stanza 3
The gospel trumpet hear,
The news of heav'nly grace;
And saved from earth appear
Before your Savior's face.


Blow ye the trumpet blow,, Stanza 6