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Columbus 67

The Sacred Harp, 1991 (Denson) Edition

Composer: Columbian Harmony, 1829
Poet: Mercerís Cluster, 1823
Meter: Common Meter Double (8,6,8,6,8,6,8,6)
Stanza Poetry Source by First Line
Oh, once I had a glorious view
Of my redeeming Lord,
He said, ďIíll be a God to you,Ē
And I believed His word.
But now I have a deeper stroke
Than all my groanings are;
My God has me of late forsook;
Heís gone, I know not where.

Oh! once I had a glorious view, Stanza 1
Oh, what immortal joys I felt,
On that celestial day,
When my hard heart began to melt,
By love dissolved away!
By my complaint is bitter now,
For all my joys are gone;
Iíve strayed! Iím left! I know not how;
The lightís from me withdrawn.

Oh! once I had a glorious view, Stanza 2
Once I could joy the saints to meet,
To me they were most dear;
I then could stoop to wash their feet,
And shed a joyful tear;
But now I meet them as the rest,
And with them joyless stay;
My conversationís spiritless,
Or else Iíve nought to say.

Oh! once I had a glorious view, Stanza 3
I once could mourn oíer dying men,
And longed their souls to win;
I travailed for their poor children,
And warned them of their sin;
But now my heartís so careless grown,
Although theyíre drowned in vice,
My bowels oíer them cease to yearn ó
My tears have left mine eyes.

Oh! once I had a glorious view, Stanza 4
I forward go in dutyís way,
But canít perceive Him there;
Then backward on the road I stray,
But cannot find Him there;
On the left hand, where He doth work,
Among the wicked crew,
And on the right I find Him not
Among the favored few.

Oh! once I had a glorious view, Stanza 5
What shall I do? Shall I lie down
And sink in deep despair?
Will He forever frown,
Nor hear my feeble prayer?
No; He will put His strength in me,
He knows the way Iíve strolled,
And when Iím tried sufficiently
I shall come forth as gold.

Oh! once I had a glorious view, Stanza 6