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Look Out 90

The Sacred Harp, 1991 (Denson) Edition

Composer: Benjamin Franklin White, 1844
Alto: Mrs. Anna L. (Cooper) Blackshear, 1902
Poet: Courtney’s The Christian Pocket Companion, 1805
Meter: 8s,7s Double Iambic (8,7,8,7,8,7,8,7)
Stanza Poetry Source by First Line
My brethren all, on you I call,
Arise and look around you.
How many foes, bound to oppose,
Who’re waiting to confound you!
The gospel calls on Zion’s walls,
Shake off your sleep and slumber;
Arise and pray, we’ll win the day,
Though we are few in number.

MY brethren all, on you I call,, Stanza 1