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The Lovely Story 104

The Sacred Harp, 1991 (Denson) Edition

Composer: Arr. Elisha J. King, 1844
Alto: Miss Minnie Floyd, 1902
Poet: Mercer's Cluster, 1810
Meter: 8s Double (8,8,8,8,8,8,8,8)
Stanza Poetry Source by First Line
A story most lovely I'll tell,
Of Jesus (O wondrous surprise),
He suffered the torments of hell,
That sinners, vile sinners may rise;
He left His exalted abode,
When man by transgressions was lost,
Appeasing the wrath of a God,
He shed forth His blood as the cost.

A story most lovely I'll tell,, Stanza 1
Oh did my dear Jesus thus bleed,
And pity a ruined lost race;
Oh whence did such mercy proceed,
Such boundless compassion and grace?
His body bore anguish and pain,
His spirit most sunk with the load,
A short time before He was slain,
His sweat was as great drops of blood.

A story most lovely I'll tell,, Stanza 2