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Brethren farewell, I do you tell,

The Brethrenís Farewell.

Poet: Joshua Smith, 1797
Meter: Common Meter (8,6,8,6)
Location in The Sacred Harp
Stanza Denson Cooper
Brethren farewell, I do you tell,
That you and I must part;
I go away, but here you stay,
But still we join in heart.

Ministerís Farewell 69t, Stanza 1a

Ministerís Farewell 69, Stanza 1a
Your love to me has run most free,
Your conversation sweet;
How could I bear to journey where
With you I cannot meet.

Ministerís Farewell 69t, Stanza 1b

Ministerís Farewell 69, Stanza 1b
But still I find my heartís incliníd,
To do my work below;
When Christ doth call, I trust I shall,
Be ready for to go.

Ministerís Farewell 69, Stanza 2a
I leave you all both great and small,
In Christís encircled arms;
He will you save from death and thí grave,
And shield you from all harms.

Ministerís Farewell 69, Stanza 2b
I trust youíll pray both night and day,
(And keep your garments white,)
For you and me that we may be
The children of the light.

Ministerís Farewell 69t, Stanza 2a

Ministerís Farewell 69, Stanza 3a
If you go first, amen you must,
The will of God be done;
I hope the Lord will you reward,
With an immortal crown.

Ministerís Farewell 69t, Stanza 2b

Ministerís Farewell 69, Stanza 3b
If Iím callíd home while I am gone,
Indulge no tears for me;
I hope to sing and praise my King,
To all eternity.

I long to go, so farewell woe,
My soul shall be at rest;
No more shall I complain and sigh,
But be for ever blest.

O may we meet and be complete,
And long together dwell;
And serve the Lord with one accord,
So brethren all farewell.

Smith, Joshua and Samuel Sleeper. Divine Hymns, or Spiritual Songs, for the Use of Religious Assemblies and Private Christians. Portsmouth, N. H.: John Melcher, 1794.