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Daniel's wisdom may I know,

The Christianís Wish.

Poet: John Cennick, Before 1755
Meter: Particular Meter: 7,7,7,7,7,7
Location in The Sacred Harp
Stanza Denson Cooper
Daniel's wisdom may I know,
Stephen's resignation shew,
John's divine communion feel,
Moses' meekness-Joshua's zeal;
Run like the unwearied Paul,
Win the day and conquer all.

Holiness 76t, Stanza 1

Holiness 76t, Stanza 1
Mary's love may I possess,
Lydia's tenderheartedness,
Peter's ardent spirit feel,
James' faith by work reveal;
Like young Timothy, may I
Every sinful passion fly.

Job's submission let me shew,
David's true devotion know,
Samuel's call, oh, may I hear,
Lazarus' happy portion share;
Let Isaiah's hallowed fire,
All my new-born soul inspire.

Mine be Jacob's wrestling prayer,
Gideon's valiant, steadfast care;
Joseph's purity impart,
Isaac's meditative heart;
Abra'am's faith-O, may I prove
Faithful to the God I love.

Most of all may I pursue,
That example Jesus drew;
In my life and conduct shew
How he liv'd and walk'd below:
Day by day through grace restor'd,
Imitate my perfect Lord.

The Providence Selection of Hymns, Supplementary to Dr. Watts., Embracing Various Subjects, and Including a Great Variety of Metres. Particularly Designed for Christian Worship. Providence: Printed and Published by Miller and Hutchens, 1820.