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Dear people, we have met to-day,

Poet: Hesperian Harp, 1848
Meter: Long Meter Double (8,8,8,8,8,8,8,8)
Location in The Sacred Harp
Stanza Denson Cooper
Dear people, we have met to-day,
To sing, to hear, to preach and pray;
It is our Father’s great command—
The road that leads to his right hand.
But O, the sad and awful state
Of those that stand and come too late!
The foolish virgins did begin
To knock, but could not enter in.

Day of Worship 60, Stanza 1

The heedless youth, in all their prime,
Are counting up the length of time;
They often say ’tis their intent,
When they get old they will repent.
The aged sinner will not turn—
His heart’s so hard, he cannot mourn—
Much harder than the flinty rock—
It will not break through Jesus knock.

O parents, take a solemn view
Of your dear children, near to you;
How can you bear to hear them cry,
And charge you with their misery?
O, how will parents tremble there,
Who raise their children without prayer!
Methinks I hear the children say,
“We never heard our parents pray!”

When Christ the Lord shall come again,
In solemn pomp and burning flame—
Bid Gabriel proclaim the sound,
“Awake, ye nations under ground!”
Good Lord, what groans! what shrieks! what cries
And thunder rolling through the skies!
Poor sinners sinking in despair!
And Christians shouting through the air!

Houser, William. The Hesperian Harp: a Collection of Psalms and Hymn Tunes, Odes and Anthems; and Sunday-School, Infant, Revival, Temperance, Patriotic, and Moral Pieces: Containing Also a Number of Scotch, German, Irish, and Other Fine Compositions. Philadelphia: S.C. Collins, 1874.