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EARTH, and Sun, and Stars decay,


Poet: Robert Seagrave, 1742
Meter: 7s (7,7,7,7)
Location in The Sacred Harp
Stanza Denson Cooper
EARTH, and Sun, and Stars decay,
Mouldring Worlds must pass away;
Yet the Gospel ne'er shall fail,
Truth is great, and must prevail.

Not a Tittle of thy Word,
Jesu, our incarnate Lord,
Not a Tittle but will rise
For Fulfilment in the Skies.

Glad we hail the stable Reign,
Thy own Pow'r will still maintain;
To thy perfect Throne we bow,
Alpha, and Omega, Thou.

Rewritten variation of this hymn tune:
RISE my Soul, and stretch thy Wings,, by Robert Seagrave by 1748.
Seagrave, Robert. Hymns for Christian Worship: Partly Composed, and Partly Collected from Various Authors, by Robert Seagrave. London: Publisher not identified, 1742.