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Farewell, dear brothers, fare you well,

Poet: A. J. McLendon, 1905
Meter: Common Meter Double (8,6,8,6,8,6,8,6)
Location in The Sacred Harp
Stanza Denson Cooper
Farewell, dear brothers, fare you well,
Pray do not weep for me,
Iím going home with Christ to dwell
Throughout eternity.
When I get home to that bright world,
And meet my Saviour there,
And all the loved ones gone before,
Iíll need no more shed a tear.

Sisterís Farewell 55, Stanza 1

Dear sister, thou art left alone,
But thou art kind and true,
And when God calls you to come home,
I hope to meet you, too.
Thus weíll surround the great white throne,
And dwell forever there,
And sing Godís praise through endless days,
From sorrow, pain and care.

Sisterís Farewell 55, Stanza 2

Dear father, youíve been kind to me,
When I was young and wild,
But now, dear father, do not weep,
Forgive your loving child.
O may we all together meet,
And shout, and praise and sing
Hallelujah then to our God,
Our Saviour, and our King.

Sisterís Farewell 55, Stanza 3

My loving mother, fare you well,
But do not fear alarm,
The Saviour dear is ever near,
To shield you from all harm.
Yet may we meet and be complete
With all the blood-washed throng,
And cast our crown at Jesusí feet,
And sing redemptionís song.

Sisterís Farewell 55, Stanza 4

James, Joseph S. et al. Union Harp and History of Songs with Sketch of the Aurthors of Tunes and Hymns. Douglasville, Georgia: J. S. James, 1905.