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Farewell, my dear brethren, the time is at hand,

Parting Song.

Poet: Thomas Cleland, 1807
Meter: 11s (11,11,11,11)
Location in The Sacred Harp
Stanza Denson Cooper
Farewell, my dear brethren, the time is at hand,
That we must be parted, from this social band;
Our several engagements now call us away,
Our parting is needful, and we must obey.

Imandra 45b, Stanza 1

Farewell, My Brethren (Imandra New) 54b, Stanza 1
Farewell, my dear brethren, farewell for a while,
We’ll soon meet again, if kind providence smile,
But when we are parted and scattered abroad,
We’ll pray for each other and wrestle with God.

Farewell, My Brethren (Imandra New) 54b, Stanza 2
Farewell, faithful soldiers, you’ll soon be discharg’d,
The war will be ended, your treasure’s enlarged,
With shouting and singing, tho’ Jordan may roar,
We’ll enter fair Canaan and rest on the shore.

Farewell, ye young converts, who’re listed for war,
Sore trials await you, but Jesus is near:
Altho’ you must travel the dark wilderness,
Your Captain’s before you, he’ll lead you to peace.

The world and the Devil and Hell all unite,
And bold persecution will try you to fright,
But Jesus stands for you, whose stronger than he?
Let this animate you to march on your way.

Farewell, seeking mourners with sad broken heart,
O hasten to Jesus and choose the good part.
He’s fall of compassion and might to save.
His arms are extended your souls to receive.

Farewell, careless sinners, for you I do mourn.
To think of your danger while quite unconcern’d;
I’ve heard of the judgment where all must appear,
There you will stand trembling with tormenting fear.

Your frolics and pastimes in which you delight,
Will serve to torment you with dreadful affright,
You’ll think of those sermons that you’ve heard in vain,
And hopes gone forever of bearing again.

Farewell, faithful Christians, farewell all around.
Perhaps we’ll not meet ’till the last trump shall sound,
To meet you in glory I’ll give you my hand,
Our Saviour to praise in a pure social band.

O glory, O glory, O glory to God,
Redemption we have through Jesus’s blood;
I long to be going to meet him above,
To gaze on his glory and feast on his love.

Mead, Stith. A General Selection of the Newest and Most Admired Hymns and Spiritual Songs now in Use. Richmond: Printed by Seaton Grantland, 1807.