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How firm a foundation, ye saints of the Lord,

Exceeding great and precious Promises,
2 Pet. i. 4.

Poet: Rippon’s Selection, 1787
Meter: 11s (11,11,11,11)
Location in The Sacred Harp
Stanza Denson Cooper
How firm a foundation, ye saints of the Lord,
Is laid for your faith in his excellent word!
What more can he say than to you he hath said,
You, who unto Jesus for refuge have fled.

Bellevue 72b, Stanza 1

Firm Foundation (Bellevue) 72, Stanza 1
In every condition, in sickness, in health,
In poverty’s vale, or abounding in wealth;
At home and abroad, on the land, on the sea,
“As thy days may demand, shall thy strength ever be.

Firm Foundation (Bellevue) 72, Stanza 2
“Fear not, I am with thee, O be not dismay’d,
“I, I am thy God and will still give thee aid;
“I’ll strengthen thee, help thee, and cause thee to stand,
“Upheld by my righteous omnipotent hand.

Bellevue 72b, Stanza 2

Firm Foundation (Bellevue) 72, Stanza 3
“When thro’ the deep waters I call thee to go,
“The rivers of woe shall not thee overflow;
“For I will be with thee, thy troubles to bless,
“And sanctify to thee, thy deepest distress.

Bellevue 72b, Stanza 3

Firm Foundation (Bellevue) 72, Stanza 4
“When thro’ fiery trials thy pathways shall lie,
“My grace all-sufficient shall be thy supply;
“The flame shall not hurt thee, I only design
“Thy dross to consume, and thy gold to refine.

“Even down to old age my people shall prove
“My sovereign, eternal, unchangeable love.
“And when hoary hairs shall their temples adorn,
“Like lambs they shall still in My bosom be borne.

“The soul that on Jesus has lean’d for repose,
I will not, I will not desert to its foes;
“That soul, tho’ all hell should endeavor to shake,
I’ll never, no never, no never forsake.*”

Bellevue 72b, Stanza 4

Firm Foundation (Bellevue) 72, Stanza 5
* Agreeable to Dr. Doddridge’s Translation Heb. xiii. 5.
Rippon, John. A Selection Hymns, From the Best Authors, Intended to Be an Appendix to Dr. Watts’ Psalms and Hymns. 14th Edition. London: Printed and published by S.C. Ustick, 1807.