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RISE my Soul, and stretch thy Wings,


Poet: Robert Seagrave, 1742; Alt. by 1748
Meter: Particular Meter: 7,6,7,6,7,7,7,6
Location in The Sacred Harp
Stanza Denson Cooper
RISE my Soul, and stretch thy Wings,
Thy better Portion trace;
Rise from transitory Things,
Tow'rds Heav'n thy native Place.
Sun and Moon, and Stars decay,
Time shall soon this Earth remove;
Rise, my Soul, and haste away
To Seats prepar'd above.

Amsterdam 84, Stanza 1

Rivers to the Ocean run,
Nor stay in all their Course;
Fire ascending seeks the Sun,
Both speed them to their Source.
So my Soul deriv'd from God,
Pants to view his glorious Face;
Forward tends to his Abode,
To rest in his Embrace.

Amsterdam 84, Stanza 2

Fly me Riches, fly me Cares,
Whilst I that Coast explore;
Flatt'ring World, with all thy snares,
Solicit me no more.
Pilgrims fix not here their Home;
Strangers tarry but a Night,
When the last dear Morn is come,
They'll rise to joyful Light.

Cease, ye Pilgrims, cease to mourn,
Press onward to the Prize;
Soon our Saviour will return
Triumphant in the Skies.
Yet a season and you know
Happy Entrance will be giv'n,
All our Sorrows left below,
And Earth exchang'd for Heav'n.

This hymn poem is a rewritten variation of EARTH, and Sun, and Stars decay,, Robert Seagrave in 1742.
Sedgwick, Daniel. Hymns and Spiritual Songs, for Christian Worship by the Rev. Robert Seagrave, M.A. with a Sketch of His Life and Writings. London: Daniel Sedgwick, 1860.